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Monday, April 13, 2009

Since it's been two weeks

I decided it's time to update. Dh rebuilt our computer so until he restores my favorites I don't have any of my links.

Things slowly improved from that last post. My 2yo also got that stomach bug. It was really bad for him, too. It lasted 6 days. We almost took him to the hospital but got our chiropractor to adjust him and within an hour he had improved so much that we decided there was no reason to take him to the hospital.

The weight loss is at a bit of a stand still for now. The chiropractor still doesn't want me to do much more than walking or water aerobics and I haven't had much time to do either but I feel my motivation is back today so things should improve. My 15 yo (today is his bday!) and I have a bunch of fliers to deliver this week so I should get in a whole bunch of walking.

AFA eating goes, I'm doing fine. I ate lots of chocolate yesterday and likely will today. My philosophy is the faster it's gone the faster it quits tempting me! As soon as its gone I plan on going back to my no sugar thing. I haven't done very good with that since my trip to Oregon. It's high time I get back on that wagon!