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Friday, February 13, 2009

I seem to have plateaued a bit

My weight is stuck but I measured myself yesterday (found the book I'd written my measurements in) and I've lost 8 inches total, 3 on my tummy alone!  I was very happy!

This week I watched Biggest Loser and I was struck by how hard they work everyday at losing weight.  The night before weigh in some of them were up most of the night exercising.  While I think that is pretty extreme for normal life it did help me realize that I could be working a lot harder than I already am.  On BL they were working so hard that sweat was pouring off their face and they were crying because they weren't sure they could do even one more of whatever they were doing.  Then they pulled through and were able to do several more.  I'm breaking a sweat but it's not pouring off my face and I don't very often get to the point where I have to force myself to do just one more.

So I decided this week I was going to work harder.  I upped all of my reps and increased the time on all my workouts.   Now I'm up to exercising 1.5 to 2 hours.  I have to get up at 6 to do it but thats ok.  It has felt really good.   I've also been working harder on not eating crap and sticking to my plan.  I was doing fine until yesterday when we got valentines ready for a party today.  We had leftover candy and had a terrible time keeping them out of my mouth.  I told myself that two chocolate kisses wasn't going to hurt anything.  And it wouldn't have if I'd been able to stop after that.  That two turned into more like 2 handfuls!  LOL  Sigh, oh well.  

Tonight hubby and I are ditching the kids and then spending the night at home with just the two of us.  We had planned on spending the whole weekend at a hotel but we didn't get our taxes filed in time so we have to do it on the cheap.  Thats ok.  No kids is a vacation in itself!  I've been telling myself that Valentines weekend was going to be one of my splurges.  For just the next two days I'm going to eat anything I want and not worry about how much I will gain.  Hopefully my hard work from this week will pay off and it won't effect me too much.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Official Weigh In

So, here it is, the big weigh in.  I was much lower than I imagined I would be.  My dd was holding the tube of toothpaste,  I couldn't figure out any other way to get it in the pic of the wii weight page.  So, I went from 160.9 to 151.2, a difference of 9.7!  Yay!

I wanted to do measurements but my Palm Pilot is having issues and that is where I stored all my previous measurements so I don't have anything to compare them to.  I will still measure today and will post the differences some day when I figure out to fix my Palm.